Portugal Immigrant Investor Program

Republic of Portugal
Common Languages:Portuguese and English
Territory:92,000 square meters
Population:11 million people

Average Temperature:January 7~11℃ July 20~26℃ One of the warmest country’s in Europe!

Sino-Portugal Relation:Diplomatic Relations were established on Feb. 8, 1979 and a strategic partnership was established in December 2005.

Portugal – A Paradise for Life

Portugal is one of the most developed countries in the world and one of the founding countries in the European Union and Schengen Area.

As one of the original Empires of European culture, Portugal’s history has significantly influenced the world and was once the biggest nautical Empire rivaling Spain. Portugal, with its desirable location on the Iberian Peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean, enjoys the some of the most beautiful views in Europe with the coast making up more than half the country’s borders.

The colonial history of Portugal makes its language the sixth most spoken language in the world with 200 million people using it in different countries and/or regions including Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Angola, Macau, and Mozambique.

Portugal: Food & Wine

Portugal is well-known for its diversity of gourmet food and culinary prowess, with its egg-tart being the most popular dish frequently served in China. Rice, potatoes, bread, meat and of course seafood are the major staples of the menu. Additionally, Portugal is the fourth largest wine-producer in the world, with its award-winning wines and wine production dating back to the Roman Empire. Portugal is the ultimate destination for wine and food lovers worldwide.

Portugal: Religion

As a predominantly Catholic country, 84.5% of the population identifies with the Catholic Church. The rich Catholic history of the country has yielded many beautiful churches and cathedrals that can be seen throughout Portugal. Historical practice has obvious influences on the culture as it is today.

Portugal: Sports

Portugal’s most popular pass-time is football, or soccer as it is known in the U.S. and the country has produced some of the most memorable names in the sport’s history. Portugal has 4 times entered semi-finals of World Cup with 3rd Place in 1966 and 4th Place in 2006. Figo and Christian Ronaldo are the daily topic of Portuguese.

Portugal: Tourism

As one of the twenty most visited countries in the world tourism contributes significantly to Portugal’s GDP. Portugal is famous for its natural scenery, stunning coasts, and historical sites. Castles, palaces and museums pepper the cities and countryside, a daily staple for the Portuguese. In 2010, there were 24 million foreign visitors to Portugal, generating 7.5 billion Euro in revenue.

Portugal: Industry

Portugal has a strong tertiary or tourism industry but is and weak in heavy industry due to its geographical features. Textiles, shoemaking, viticulture (wine-making) and tourism are Portugal’s pillar industries.

GIP reached 40 billion in 2009, 24.4 % of GDP;
Soft-wood production volume ranked No.1 in the world;

4th Largest Wine Production country with 150 million liters annual production volume. Among which, Porto Wine is globally renowned.

Portugal: Education

Portugal has a system of tweleve-year compulsory education from primary school to high school. Higher-education is 4 years for a Bachelor Degree. Significant institutions of higher-education include the University of Lisbon, the University of Coimbra, and the University of Porto to name a few. The University of Coimbra is proudly the oldest university in Europe.

Chinese students will easily acclimate to the education system of Portugal as English-language curriculum is common in all schools and universities. As a result, students in Portugal are able to master 2 languages, adding competitive edge to the resumes and CV’s of Portuguese students.


Migrate to Portugal Vs. Be an international student

New immigrants are entitled to all the welfare and benefits of Portugal that citizens enjoy. As a result, the immigrant students can save a lot on tuition.


Local Students: 4,000 Euro /Y x4
International Students: 15,000 Euro /Year x5

Portugal Investor Immigration Program – Golden Residence Program

In October 2012,SEF of Portugal initiated the investor immigration program, with the view to revitalize the economy while creating job opportunities through attracting foreign investment capital. The program allows foreign investors to obtain residency through investment in Portugal.

Category:Residence Permit of Portugal
Age:Over 18 years of age
A. 1 million Euro invested into a financial institute in Portugal for 5 years;
B. Purchase of Properties in Portugal, valued at no less than 500,000 Euro.

Advantage 1:Europe – The new immigrants are entitled, after obtaining their residence permit, to visa-free entry to all Schengen Area countries. Investors will not only enjoy the benefits of Portugal, but also be able to expand their business market to 26 other nations in Europe.

Advantage 2: Advanced Education– The new immigrant students are entitled to the education welfare in Portugal, saving a lot on the tuition.

Advantage 3:Simple Criteria – Managerial Experience, Language Proficiency and Source of Funds are not necessary for the application.

Advantage 4:Speedy Processing –It takes only 30 days to be approved from the date of submission.
Advantage 5:Residence Requirement – 7 Days of Residence per annum are required to maintain the permit.



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