Hungary Immigrant Investor Program

Hungary, well-known as a center for Western culture dating back nearly 1000 years, is a gem among the former European empires. Neighboring Romnia and Ukraine in the east, Slovenia, Croatia, Sylvia in the south, Austria in the west and Slovakia in the north, Hungary is a land-locked nation situated in the picturesque Carpathian Basin.. Agriculture is the corner-stone of Hungary’s economy with wheat, corn, potatoes and sugar beets serving as the country’s main products in that industry. Hungary’s other main industries include manufacture of precision instruments, mechanical production and bio-chemical products.

Hungary joined European Union in May 2004 and became a Schengen Area Member, a non-EU organization of European countries, in December 2007.

Population: 9.9 Million

Territory:93,000 square kilometer


Currency:Forint (HUF) / Euro

Time Zone: UTC/GMT +1

Language:Hungarian / English / German / French

Sino-Hungary Relation:Official Diplomatic Relationship began in October 1949, Hungary

Hungary. Cities

Capital: Budapest

Budapest, the Capital of Hungary, is recognized as one of the most beautiful and largest cities in Europe. It is home to extensive UNESCO World Heritage sites helping make it one of the hottest tourist destinations in Europe. In 1873 the cities of Buda, Obuda and Pest spanning both sides of the Danube River united to form the city of Budapest as it is today. Some World Heritage Sites include the banks of the Danube River, Buda Castle Quarter, the third largest Parliament Building in the world, and the Millennium Underground Railway, the second oldest underground in the world. In addition to being the political, financial and educational center of Hungary, Budapest is renowned for its sustainable environment.

Hungary. Education

The education in Hungary is among the highest level in Europe, with fourteen Nobel Laureates originating from the country. Hungary’s education structure consists of twelve-year compulsory education with its higher-education degrees and diplomas recognized worldwide. Regarding education in medicine and bio-chemistry, Hungary is one of the leading educators in the world..


Public Health Insurance:

Local Residents’ Coverage:

Individual- 4%, Employer- 11% Total: 15%


New Immigrants:

Commercial Insurance is advised and the price per individual is around 1,000 Euro per year.

Pension: 15 years of taxation is required.

Hungary Investor Immigration Program

The Hungary Investor Immigration Program was initiated on April 18, 2013 to attract more foreign investment into Hungary. The program is structured to grant residency to investors who meet requirements.


1. The principal applicant shall be over 18 years of age.

2. Applicants with criminal records are not welcome under this program.

3. The applicants shall make an investment of 250,000 Euro on authorized national bonds.


1. Low Investment: 250,000 Euro investment, one of the lowest investment requirements for European immigration programs.

2. Security: Investment on national bonds means no risk.

3. Speedy Processing:Approval within 30 days of date of application submission.

4. Easy access to Permanent Residence: No extra requirements for application for permanent residency.

5. Little Residence:No strict residence requirements.

6. Simple Criteria:Language proficiency, education, interview, managerial experience and source funds are not required.

7. No Travel Visa: No travel visa required when visiting the 26 other Schengen Area countries.

8. Same Benefits:Entitlements to all education, medical, and other welfare.

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