Greek Immigrant Investor Program

Greek Education and Social Services

Greek Education

As long as an investment is made in Greece through the purchase of property, investor’s children are then eligible to enjoy the free education Greece offers. The public education system in Greece is well developed with an excellent system recognized internationally. The cultural values apparent in the implementation of the education system are similar to those of Chinese families when it comes to education.Emphasis on proactive family involvement and stringent attention to education are both pillars of the education culture for the Greeks. Furthermore, the nation is able to draw on its long cultural heritage as the birthplace of many aspects of European and Western civilization, particularly in the area of scholasticism and scholarly pursuits. Given the learning environment drawing strength from such a cultivated and ancient culture, Chinese parents could not ask for a better situation. A home in Greece is a sure ticket for families who favor a solid European education.

Greece also has a well developed higher education system with some particularly unique aspects. In Greece, some private colleges and universities have an option for admission for Chinese adults looking to further their education in the same field or related field to their previous study. Another option open to Greek students is the opportunity to study at a U.S., British, or other foreign university campuses located in Greece. In the last academic year, provided the student meets all requirements, they may have the option to transfer abroad to the respective university home campuses enabling them to graduate from that specific university. Additionally, after the completion of an undergraduate degree at foreign universities in Greece, one is presented with the option of branching out, perhaps transferring to the UK, US or other locations to pursue master’s or doctoral degrees. However, all individual universities retain control over admissions and transfer procedures respectively.

Benefits of Choosing Greece

First, public health: all citizens of Greece enjoy access to a number of social insurance benefits in addition to free medical care.

Second, the various types of family allowances: EU countries have established many welfare measures for family security. All benefits generally fall within the categories of child and youth services, education,family services, or housing subsidies. The annual numbers for each of the services and categories offered are subject to change based on yearly analysis of conditions domestically.

Greece, along with all EU member-states, enjoysthe following family allowances:

1. Allowances for children: In order to encourage responsible family planning, the EU has chosen to implement some safety measures for mothers and families. It is generally assumed that when a family has more than three children, the mother will be unable to work and contribute to household income.Therefore, the state has elected to provide a subsidy sufficient to cover daily living expenses, subject to certain conditions, to supplement family income. The subsidy is generally around 1,000 Euro per month. The eligibility period for a mother or family to receive the subsidy ranges from the second trimester of pregnancy, to when the child is three years of age. All mothers in Greece are eligible to enjoy this benefit. If you qualify for the family planning subsidy, additions can be made in the case of twins or multiple births. Some other related benefits for child careinclude eligibility for grant or further subsidy applications to fund a variety of items, including but not limited to: Family child care in the form of hiring a nanny or domestic helper, finding employment to work from home,occasional allowances for children over the age of 3 adult, before and after school care, subsidies for adoption of children, housing, moving allowances, home office improvement or establishmentloans, single-parent allowance, subsistence allowance, education grants for children with special needs, and subsidies or allowances for other disabled members of the family.

The above explanation is a limited example of the variety of available funding eligibility, all of which we cannot introduce here. In short, EU member-states provide a high degree of social services with a relatively high degree of tax which provides a basic guarantee for every citizen’s quality of life.

Third, long-term unemployed hardship assistance:

1. Living allowance: With the economic difficulties that come with unemployment, citizens can apply directly to the relevant government departments to receive relief in the form of a subsidy.

2.When faced with unemployment, citizens can apply for subsidies to cover rent, phone bills, electricity bills, or loan repayments difficulties.

3. Minimum living allowance subsidy: with under-employment or unemployment benefits, citizens can receive a subsidy to cover the difference between the minimum living allowance and individual income.

4.Pregnancy subsidies: Pregnant women are able to apply for medical assistance to cover, free of charge, everything from the first prenatal check-up through birth.

5.Widow/Widower allowances: There are allowances available for widowed individuals of no income.

6. the elderly independent special grant subsidy: Individuals over the age of 60 who are unable to care for themselves are eligible to apply for assistance.

7. Illness benefits: Employees on extended sick-leave may obtain sick-pay from the Social Insurance Agency.

8. Social Insurance: Family members of socially insured persons are able to enjoy his or her social insurance benefits under the coverage plan of their primary familial provider. For example, if one individual has social welfare insurance, then their spouse and children will be covered under that plan.

Nine, the Retirement System: When wage earners reach retirement age, they become eligible to receive a pension from the Pension Administration, providing some financial security in their later years.

For Immigrant Investors in Greece

In June of 2013, the Greek government formally launched a strategy for private investment regulations. The aim of these regulations is to ensure convenient transitions to Greece for investors. The Greek government will provide estate investors, and their families, residential status. With its membership in the EU and Schengen Area, Greek residents enjoy convenient and hassle-free travel between 26 Schengen member-states. These combined factors have opened the flood-gates to Chinese immigrant investment in Greece.

Immigrant Investor Eligibility in Greece

1.  The primary applicant must be at least 18 years of age;

2.  The investor must purchase 250,000 Euros worth of real estate and other valued items in Greece;

3.  The primary applicant may not have a criminal record;

4.  The primary applicant must be in good health and reasonable condition.

Greek Immigrant Investor Program Advantages

1.  Of the EU and Schengen Area member-states, Greece has the lowest-cost green card program, and allows uninhibited access to 26 other European nations;

2.  The process is fast, just a three month signing and waiting period;

3.  Fewer requirements of Residence

4.  Your purchase provides permanent property rights, or rental income stability;

5.  Necessity of explaining business background and sources of funding.

Property in Greece

Greece boasts a myriad of sea and mountain views, surrounded by over 1,400 islands, making it a veritable paradise among the famous blue seas of the Aegean and Mediterranean. As a result, Greece has emerged an increasingly popular destination for property investment. Greece offers variety, from central airy villas on the coast of the Aegean Sea, to private Scandinavian style lodges nestled between ski-slopes in the peaks. Even distinctly Greek houses nestled in cliffs are on offer. No matter the property you choose, the famed sunrises and sunsets that pepper ancient literature and inspired poetry for the ages can be enjoyed nearly 250 days out of the year. Year-round, investors will be able to enjoy the incomparable natural beauty that this distinct part of the world has to offer.

In 2010 the European debt crisis hit Greece hard; caught in a whirlpool of economic problems. Prices droppedin comparison to 2009 between 30% -50%. This, coupled with the fall of the euro exchange rate (now approximately 8RMB to the Euro), provides the best timing for Chinese to invest in Greek real estate.

At present, Greece’s sovereign credit rating has improved substantially, and the nation is headed out of the debt crisis haze. The current trend in Greek real estateinvestment is strong, and the prices are good

Greek Immigrant Investor Application – Flowchart


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